We believe there is a better way to utilize our cars

Why we do what we do

Cars are essential part of our life. They provide freedom and flexibility. We believe everyone should have access to cars when they need one. For everyone to own a car, however, is clearly not an option.

Cars are expensive. They require significant upfront investment, yet constantly depreciating and costing us money. Even worse, we only use them 5% of the time. We believe there must be another way to "own" cars.

Imagine a world where owning a car doesn’t have to cost you anything, you always have access to cars conveniently in your neighborhood, and still, there are less cars cluttering our streets.

How is it possible? Share your car when you don’t need it, or rent one from your peers when you actually need one. By sharing our car with one another, ownership cost is also share and less cars are enough for our trips. And you can always pick the right car for your trip!

Help us put our cars to a better use. At AutoPal, we are here to make your sharing experience as safe, as easy as possible.

Who we are

Czinkóczky Zoltán


Zentai Bence


Székely Zalán


Want to help us?

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